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Bradgate Class

Bradgate class has all of our Year 2 children and some of our Year 1 pupils. In Bradgate we recognise the importance of learning through exploration and play, yet also develop children’s independence through more formal sessions too. Key Stage 1 is an important time for children in developing their social skills, this is why Miss Bullimore promotes kindness and helpfulness at all times. We also want children to give everything a go, it does not matter if you make a mistake!

A little bit about Miss Bullimore…

I love everything crafty, you could call me the craft queen! At home you will often find me knitting or sewing on my machine. I like to bring my passion for creativity into my teaching, thinking of how to make my lessons engaging and interactive for children.

A little bit about Miss Bunting…

I really love cooking and enjoy doing this as much as possible at home. I think my best dish is a curry. When I am in school I really enjoy supporting children developing their social and emotional skills. It helps that I get a lot of practice at this with two teenage daughters! I also spend a lot of time driving my children from place to place, so I think I am becoming a very good driver!

Virtual Learning for Week Beginning 9th November 2020

Hello Bradgate Class! I have uploaded the work for you to complete this week on this website. This will be updated daily, where I will leave the previous days work on here in case you missed it. All this work will also be available on teams as well.


English – At the end of this week, we will be writing some instructions. The first thing we need to do is write down a list of items we will need to be able to complete the instructions

Today we are going to be looking at different lists and think about the different features of a list.

We are going to come up with a list of items together of what Rapunzel might need when she escapes the castle

Today I would like you to come up with your own list for Rapunzel. This time the list is going to be all the items she will need to hunt witches!

Y1 and Y2 – think of at least 5 different things she will need

Extra for Y2 – you list must include adjectives and the word ‘because’. Tell me why she might need that item


Maths – Have a mixture of questions prepared to ask the Year 1s linked to adding more. Begin to ask some problem-solving questions to get them thinking.

Send the Y1s off to complete this game in their books – copy out the sheet into their books if they haven’t got a printer. Provide an online dice for children who might not have one

Y2s have the same game. They have to colour in the answers that are odd and even. Theirs is bigger.


Topic – We are going to make our own Rangoli design. Rangoli is a type of art that started in India. It is made of lots of beautiful coloured patterns. After watching the PowerPoint on Rangoli patterns, I would like you to create your own Rangoli pattern.

It can be in your workbooks or on the floor in a pattern. You can use crayons, pens or paints. You can also try and use items around the house to try and make a pattern on the floor.



English – We are going to continue looking at imperative verbs today. We are going to be using our imperative verbs to help us sequence events in the right order.

You are going to help me put these events in the right order and use your imperative verbs to explain how to do it.

Your task today will be to draw your morning routine for me and write underneath what to do using your imperative verbs.

For example

Get out of your cosy bed

Brush your with a blue toothbrush teeth

Wash your face using a facewash

Y2s – Can you include connectives in your sentence? Can you use and or because in your sentences?


Maths – Work through the PowerPoint online and do some questions with the Year 1s and 2s.

Year 1s task: Complete the worksheet in your books on adding more. Children to copy the sheet into their books and work through the questions.

Year 2s to stay online to work through the rest of the slide with the teacher.

Work out questions together using the numberline and jumping method. Children to help work out the answers and teacher to make mistakes to keep the children focused. Complete worksheet in books (copy out into books to help them) and using the number line method to help them


Topic – This week we are learning about Diwali. We are going to look at how Diwali is celebrated. Watch the PowerPoint on how Diwali is celebrated. I would like you to create a poster telling me about all the things Hindus do to celebrate Diwali. Include sentences and pictures about how it is celebrated.



Year 1: Practice using capital letters and full stops. Spot where Miss Bullimore has gone wrong!

Year 2: Extra practice with Maths and working out questions from todays lesson








Maths links

Alongside the work I have provided for this week, I have also found some maths games linked to the work we are completing.

Please find below the links to these games if you wish for your children to complete them!

Lady bird spots – Children to practice their number bonds by putting the correct amount of spots on the ladybird

Hit the button – Quick fire questions linked to number bonds. Children get a limited time to answer the questions.

Curious George – A game for Year 1s where they can practice their number bonds to 10