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Linford Class

In Linford Class we recognise how important the early years of school are and believe it is a privilege to have in input in these crucial developmental years. We work hard to provide an enriching and engaging environment in which children learn through a combination of adult and child led activities. As we know the important role parents play we work in close collaboration with you to ensure your child is happy and successful throughout their time in Linford.

A little bit about Mrs Hamm…

My personal passion is dancing and I have medals in ballroom and latin. My favourite dance is the Argentine Tango and I have even been known to show a few of my dance moves in assemblies when asked! In Linford class we like our learning to be fun,  inspiring and full of wow moments. We aim to help children  become caring, independent individuals who see school as a safe and exciting place to be.

A little bit about Miss Botterill…

My degree is in Art and Design and this is something I remain very interested in, in fact I can often be found with a pencil drawing at home. I like finding ways to engage children in art too and plan activities to do so in the classroom and in the clubs I run. I also really enjoy supporting small group work, particularly in writing.

Remote Learning Task – Friday 6th November

Today you will receive further information via weduc on the virtual learning offer that will be in place from Monday. We will also provide further guidance on how you can share with us your child’s learning. For now, here are some tasks for your child to complete until the virtual learning begins.

Linford Class First Day Learning

Co-Headteacher Task – Home School Superhero

Virtual Learning for the week commencing 9th November 2020

Monday: Character descriptions, size ordering: smallest to largest and Homes of the past. Yr 1 spelling test and EYFS phonics.

Tuesday: Story map, measuring: shortest and longest and Victorian homes.

Wednesday: Moral dilemmas, measuring, comparing lengths/sizes and Remembrance.

Thursday: Letter writing, measuring, tallest to shortest and Remembrance cont.

Friday: Changing a familiar story, capacity and Children In Need.

Monday lessons


Year 1

To draw a picture of the main character and write 3 sentences describing them. Remember at use some interesting adjectives.


Draw a picture of the main character in your book and copy their name.


Ordering items from smallest to largest. You can use anything items you like, teddy bears, bowls, spoons, chairs etc Start with 3 items then order 4, 5 or even 6 items! Take a picture of the items and explain to an adult which is the smallest and which is the largest

Topic, History

Find things that use electricity around your house.

Yr 1: Make a list of the items.

EYFS: Draw 2 things that use electricity and add labels.

Tuesdays Lessons

First of all well done everyone for all of your hard work yesterday! This is the work we will be doing today.


I would like you to make a story map of Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

Year 1

Remember to add labels to your map. Think carefully about the sounds you can hear.


Can you write the initial sounds of some of the pictures on your story map?

Can you tell the story to an adult using different voices for each bear?



Draw 3 different length snakes on paper. Which is the longest? Which is the shortest? Put them in size order.

Once you have talked about which is the shortest and longest I would like you to measure them.


Use a ruler to measure in cms.

If you don’t have ruler you can use cubes or pencils to measure them.


You can use anything to measure your snakes. How many cars fit on them? How many pieces of pasta? How many pieces of Lego?


Topic, History

With an adult find the answers to the following questions.


Victorian homes didn’t have electric lights. What did they use instead so they could see at night?

Victorian homes didn’t have radiators to keep them warm. What did they use instead?

Victorians didn’t have TV, DVD players or computers. What did they have in their homes for entertainment?

Write down your answers in full sentences please.


Find the correct answer

Victorian houses all had  electric light switches ……..candles

Victorian houses didn’t have  pianos……………… computers

Victorian houses didn’t have washing lines ………washing machines

Use the internet to find out some facts about Victorian houses and compare them to the houses we have now.

Phonics Power point

These are the sounds we have been learning in class. EYFS up to slide 18 and year 1 to the end.


Goldilocks and the 3 Bears story


Story Map

Wednesdays Lessons 11.11.20


I  would like you talk to your adults about what Goldilocks did.

Goldilocks went into a stranger’s house. Was that a good idea? Why not?Should she have gone into someone’s house without their permission? She also did lots of things when she was inside the house. Did she choose to do the right thing?

Year 1

Write 3 sentences stating why Goldilocks was wrong to go into the 3 Bears house.


Ask your adult to write down why you think Goldilocks was wrong to go into the 3 bears house.


Draw around the hands and the feet of the people in your house, cut them out and put them in size order.

Think about these things.

Does the oldest person have the longest feet? Which are longer, the feet or the hands? Do you have the shortest hands and feet ?if so why?


Can you write 2 sentences explaining what you found?


Take a picture of the feet and hands. If you have a large piece of paper stick them onto it in size order.

Topic, Remembrance Day.

Create a poppy picture. It could be one poppy or a field of poppies. You can use crayons, paint or anything else you have.

P.E. with Mr. Barley.

Here are the power points linked to todays work:

feet power point

Keeping Safe Lesson Presentation

Thursday’s Lessons 12.11.20

Thank you for all of the fantastic work you are sending me, well done everyone.


Goldilocks did lots of things that made the 3 Bears very sad and angry.

How do you think the bears felt about what Goldilocks did? How would you feel? What do you think Goldilocks should say to the three Bears and why?

What do you think she could do to make it better?

I would like you to pretend to be Goldilocks and write a letter to the 3 bears telling them that you are sorry.



So far we have put things in size order from smallest to largest and talked about length by sorting things from shortest to longest.

Today we are going to use the words tallest and shortest. To find out if something is the longest it is laying down but to find the tallest it needs to be standing up.

I would like you to find out who is the tallest, not biggest, person in your house.


Draw a picture of all of the people in size order, shortest to tallest. Write mum, dad  etc underneath them.

Yr 1

Write a sentence under each picture using the words taller than, tallest, shorter than, shortest.


Topic, Remembrance.

I would like you go to cbeebies and watch the video clip Poppies. Once you have watched the clip I would like you to design a Bravery Medal. You can use anything including ribbon and glitter.

Who would you give the medal too? Can you make a list of people who are brave or do very brave things?

Take a picture of you wearing your medal.

Friday’s Lessons 13.11.20

Well done everybody, we got to Friday without any major issues!

Here are the activities based on todays lessons.


Now we know that in this story there were 3 bears living in the cottage but today we are going to pretend that 3 other characters live there. It could be Goldilocks and the 3 dinosaurs or Goldilocks and the 3 monkeys! You can choose any character you like!

Year 1

Write your story for me adding your new characters. Add a drawing of them too.


Draw a picture of the new characters with Goldilocks and retell the story to an adult.



Today we are looking at capacity. Capacity is how much something can hold. I would like you to get 5 different size containers and a cup. Use the cup to fill the containers.

Which container holds the most cups?

Does the tallest container hold the most?

Does the smallest container hold the least?

Yr 1

In your book draw a cup that is full, a cup that it nearly full, a cup that is half full, a cup that is nearly empty and a cup that is empty. Write the words underneath.



Ask an adult to draw 3 cups in your book and colour them in showing one that is full, one that is half full and one that is nearly empty.


Topic, Children In Need.

Today is Children in need and we are going to be finding what it is and  why it happens. When we have found out lots of facts about Children In Need  I would like you to draw a picture of Pudsey Bear.

Virtual Learning for the week commencing 16th November 2020.

Monday: Celebrating Diwali; measuring time; symmetrical Rangoli patterns and P.E.

Tuesday: Rama and Sita; time and Mehndi patterns.

Wednesday: Fantastic Food poster; days of the week, Diva  Lamps and P.E.

Monday’s Lessons 16.11.20


Today we are looking at ways in which people celebrate Diwali and  I would like:

Year 1

Write 3 sentences explaining some of the ways in which people celebrate Diwali. Once you have written your sentences you can add a picture.



One of the ways we saw was by having fireworks. Draw a picture of some fireworks and use the sounds you know to write some of the colours you have used.



Today we are finding out how long a minute is and what we can do in that time. You will need a minute timer on a phone, clock or computer.

Find out how many actions you can do in a minute e.g. how many times you can write your names, how many bricks you can include in a model built during the minute,  how many times they can touch head, shoulders, knees and toes, how many star jumps you can do in a minute, what number you can count to in a minute.


Topic, Art linked to Diwali.

Design a symmetrical Rangoli pattern.

Tuesday’s Lesson’s 17.11.20

Today we are continuing to find out about Diwali.


The story of Rama and Sita

Today I would like you to retell some of the story. You can create a story map, write sentences or draw the characters, the way you present it today is entirely up to you.


Maths, measuring time

Year 1

Write sentences and draw clocks to show what you do at different times of the day. I get up at 7 o’clock, I have my breakfast at 8 o’clock, I go to school at 9 o’clock………..


Draw 2 clocks showing the time we start school 9 o clock and the time we finish school 3 o clock.

Can you think of something you may do at 12 o clock?


Topic, Art linked to Diwali.

Draw around 2 different size hands and design a Mendi pattern on them, remember to only use 1 colour.



Wednesday’s Lessons 18.11.20

Well done everyone for completing your work, you have been fantastic.

The lessons for today;

Literacy, Diwali.

Year 1 and EYFS

Design a poster showing what food you would have at your Diwali feast. Add words/initial sounds to explain what the items of food are.


Maths, Days of the week,

Year 1;

Write down the days of the week remembering capital letter then tell me which is your favourite day and why.


Draw a picture showing your favourite day and then write a sentence explaining why you have chosen that day.

Topic, Art linked to Diwali,

Make a Diva Lamp. You can use any materials and be as creative as you can.

Days of the week ppt for wednesday

Diwali Im A Little Diva Lamp Song